Give the Gift of Nature!
Give the Gift of Nature!
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Madagascan Sunset Moth Brass Torc, Colorful Moth Choker

Madagascan Sunset Moth Brass Torc, Colorful Moth Choker

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Stunning Madagascan Sunset Moth square brass wire torc Embellished with round domed black and yellow swallowtail butterfly wings.  So unique and lovely and easy to wear.  You will be complimented on it everywhere you go.

ALL Butterfly and Moth Specimens are purchased through a licensed supplier through Environment Canada.   The source of these specimens is attained from global butterfly farms.  The winged butterflies & moths fly in freedom until naturally expired where they are collected by workers and packaged for shipping.  These farms provide employment, education and repopulation of the reared species back into their locales.

Debra’s Divine Designs uses many recycled wings that collectors reject due to flaws or missing antennae and preserves them into beautiful wearable pieces of art that can be handed down for future generations to enjoy

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