Give the Gift of Nature!
Give the Gift of Nature!
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About Us

I create exquisite real butterfly wing jewelry and decor using ethically attained butterfly and insect wings. I purchase from licensed insect suppliers and utilize many specimens that are less than perfect for collectors, but perfect for my creations.  I am also gifted found and naturally expired specimens. I like to use recycled metals, wood and gemstones to accent my winged creations. I also have a passion for gemology, crystals and art glass and enjoy creating with these items too.  

All my butterfly and insect Jewelry is attained from cruelty-free farms where they fly in freedom until their natural death. They are raised intentionally in underprivileged communities. These beauties provide employment, education and conservation as a certain percentage of butterflies are released in their local areas to strengthen the natural population.

To avoid discoloring or molding of your precious wing, please be sure not to get your butterfly wet and to wipe off any oils from skin after wearing it with a cotton cloth. It is recommended to store out of direct sunlight.

I work at home in my professional studio in London, Ontario Canada. I belong to The Artisan Group in LA and we are a strong group of handmade artisans who create product for the celebrity gift lounges, charitable events, television shows and film. There are quite a few famous celebrities that now own a piece of jewelry from Debra's Divine Designs.

I love what I do as this work brings me and my client's so much happiness.  Have a look at my reviews at to see what happy recipients of Debra's Divine Designs jewelry have to say about their pieces. Please LIKE me on Facebook or FOLLOW me on Instagram

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